Our Story

Hey - I'm Dede!

I understand your frustrations with completing jigsaw puzzles with the inconveniences of missing pieces, clutter, and pets. 

Say goodbye to puzzle clutter, table-top boards, stow-away tops and roll-up mats and hello to stress-free puzzling!

The Beginning...

We designed this multi-purpose jigsaw puzzle table because I missed doing puzzles. I hated the unfinished puzzle sitting on my dinner table and the frustrations of the table not being available for our everyday living. After discussing my ideas with my husband (aka Mr. DD), we designed and built our own jigsaw puzzle table that allowed me to easily close the table to hide the puzzle in progress.

counter height multipurpose jigsaw puzzle table with top fully closed to hide ongoing jigsaw puzzle

Puzzle Freedom!

It felt great to have my pretty decor on the table and to easily move it when we wanted to work on the jigsaw puzzle hidden underneath. Also, I can easily open and close the table so the cat can't lay on the puzzle and the dog can't eat the pieces.

Now, we always have a puzzle ready to be worked on at any time with a quick open of the tabletop.

Fast forward a few years and we are selling the build plans and custom-made tables so you too can enjoy jigsaw puzzling too

Get your table or starting building it yourself today!

We're Randy and DeDe Bailey

Our hope is that our table helps you to enjoy puzzling by removing the clutter of the ongoing jigsaw puzzle, taking away the stress of having to move tabletops, boards or other puzzle mats and adding a beautiful heirloom piece of fine furniture that can be used for other activities in your home. 

Happy Puzzling,

Randy & DeDe Bailey

P.S. - Want to read the entire story about theJigsaw puzzle table? Click on the link to get all the details on how this table came to be.